Praise forPraise for Karen, Transformational Alchemy, & The Bliss MethodAlchem& The Bliss Method

Karen absolutely changed my life. …I accessed real change that I could feel deeply. I was afraid wouldn’t last, but it did, and it has continued to unfold; everything is just better (especially close relationships.) She tapped into hidden emotional traumas I didn’t even realize I had and cleared them once and for all. She did in 4 sessions what no one else has done, and no amount of self-healing has done for me though out a lifetime of searching. … Invest in your heart, your mind, your emotions, your energy, your spiritual connection, your soul; with this amazing process! You will not be let down. I highly recommend her, I think she’s magic.

Brittany Rollins

Mother and Head Yogini at Life Time Fitness, Sugar Land, Texas

I went blissfully deep in every session, floating in an ocean of light… and I really missed it when my sessions were over… I love having the Bliss Breath technique. I use it a lot, especially at end of my yoga classes when I take everyone into Shavasana. Also, when Karen taught me her Transformational Mantra Technique, I quickly let go of some old emotional pain I was carrying, that I really hadn’t even been aware of, but I can feel a real difference now that it’s gone.
…I invited Karen to teach an introduction to The Bliss Method at one of my yoga studios where I managed and people still ask me when she’s coming back. I think you’ll love your Bliss Method sessions (& Karen).

Ena Garrido

Yogini and Manager, Pure Body Studios

I met Karen when she spoke at an IONS meeting. What grabbed my attention was that she mentioned people came to her after trying a lot of other modalities. That resonated with me because I have been on my own self-awareness path for the last 30 years. From Tony Robbins’ fire walk to Centerpointe and the Forum. I have “workshopped” myself to death! Traditional therapy, self-help books, antidepressants to all types of metaphysical practices, so I was intrigued that she claimed in just 4 sessions with her I could make majors shifts. I am a skeptic, but I have to admit she was right. Each session had an incredible profound effect on me. I have done inner child work, but I was blown away at how I’ve been so disconnected with that part of myself. And how early trauma has really defined me even as an adult.
For instance, usually when I’ve spent time with my mother, I would be left completely drained by her negativity and subtle put downs. To the point it would take almost 48 hours to get over her toxicity. Now when I spend time with her, I’m no longer intimidated by her. I actually have a voice and I’m not afraid to speak my opinion to her. It’s almost like I see her now as this rather small person (considering she was nearly 6′ tall when I was a child!). As Karen explained to me, I now am seeing her with adult eyes and not those of a (traumatized) child. I feel so much more compassion for her and know that her actions were not intentional. My mother is almost 98 and this has been such a gift to myself to be able to put closure on our relationship before she passes.
Karen, is a remarkable healer. Her sincerity and generosity to help bring out the best is truly a gift and a blessing.

Lynne Schafer

I’ve Discover a New Me and I Love It!
It is impressive how this method, in so little time, completely changed my life. Thanks to Karen and her Hypnosis method, I am rid of the negative thoughts that dominated me. All the depression and the insecurities in my life are gone. I have never felt completely happy until now. This is a new me. I feel so much confidence in myself. Now, I don’t care anymore about what others think about me. I don’t need to be told or reminded of how amazing I am. I just know that everybody is different and everyone has their own beliefs. Thanks to that, I don’t judge anymore. On the contrary, I respect and accept people the way they are. No need to change anybody nor myself. I can finally say that I’ve found happiness and fulfillment. I have the power to control my life and not let others to do it. I’m looking forward to continuing to make my inner peace more solid than ever. Thank you, Karen, for leading me to the right path and encouraging me to love myself. Like you always say: “The truth will set you free”.

Nathalie Sellan

Karen has really helped me a lot. I feel like a new person. I really enjoyed our sessions. I will miss her.

Laura Landow

Karen’s Transformational alchemy program changed my life! Made some major lifestyle changes over the past few years and had gotten my life on the right track for the most part with Yoga and meditation but there were just a few triggers in my life that I just could not break through so I gave Karen a shot. After just 4 sessions with Karen something significantly shifted. Those triggers were gone. I noticed this in all areas of my life. Work, relationship and family problem that got under my skin in the past just seemed to roll right off me and not bother me anymore. Things that got me all riled up in the past just didn’t bother me the way they used to. Even my boyfriend commented (and asked about setting up an appointment with Karen so he could get in on her magic 😉✨) about all the positive changes he saw in me after this process. I highly recommend this process, Karen is truly magical!

Karen’s Bliss Method sessions are powerful! I felt amazing after everyone one of her sessions and definitely felt a major energetic shift after we completed our final session. My boyfriend could even feel the energy vibrating in the room when I practiced the bliss method next to him. Highly recommend the bliss method. Felt pure bliss after every one of Karen’s sessions!

Valerie Feachen

The Bliss Breath™ really works
Excellent results! I was able to change my systolic blood pressure from the 150s to 120s after 2 minutes of using the breathing technique (Karen trained me to do) coupled with the hypnotic suggestions.

G. Wapings


I am 70 years old and I have had panic attacks almost my entire life. I found them very embarrassing and I tried so many things including therapy and prayer to overcome them but they continued. I even chose to retire several years early because they were being triggered by the new working conditions I had been assigned. After my 3rd session with Karen I accidently cut myself while out shopping and though it was a small cut but there was a lot of blood. My wife recognized this was the exact kind of experience to trigger an attack in me and ran to get tissues to help. When she got back I had already stopped the bleeding myself and she found me just standing there completely calm. I was astounded and so was my wife. It’s been 3 months and I still haven’t told anyone about my panic attacks stopping because I’m afraid I will jinx it. I am still having trouble believing this is possible. It still seems too good to be true.

Sorry it has taken so long. Now that I’m not overwhelmed with anxiety, fear and worry, I have been busy doing and being. The recording (you made for me) is wonderful, thank you.
I am a 59-year-old women diagnosed over two years ago with Parkinson’s Disease. People tell me I have a positive attitude and I am very health conscious which will help me manage this disease. But my mind was full of clutter from racing thoughts of fear, denial, pain, sadness and guilt to name a few. I was not getting anything done because of the congestion of thoughts in my head. One night researching natural healing methods, I came across hypnotherapy. I believe in the mind body connection but, I could not proceed in the healing process with all the noise in my brain. My mind needed a reboot, so I could recover from my symptoms. I made an appointment with Karen and I unequivocally submitted to Karen’s guidance during my sessions. My head felt lighter after my first visit. The day after my second session, I woke up and cried hard. After my 4 sessions, I felt a released from worry and negative thoughts. I am now practicing allowing my mind and spirit to heal my body. Thank you, Karen, for empowering me with the technique to meditate and visualize so my body can heal.

Monica Meditz

Can you please not put my last name? I prefer revealing only my name and keep some anonymity. Let me know your thoughts about this. Thank you!!!!!
Super recommendable! I arrived at her office with a rooted belief that I don’t deserve anything in life. I felt unloved most of my life, a constant sense of guilt and unworthiness, wrong, insecure, very low self-esteem and I identified myself with every criticism I received from parents, grandparents, boyfriend, co-workers; you name it! I was so tired of living this way, and I could not understand why and how to stop it. I was up to my grits of being un-respected or pushed over by co-workers, in particular. I needed my life to change.
That day at Karen’s office I told her, I don’t want to feel this way ever again, I’m in pain and I’m exhausted. After having my sessions with her, I cannot believe myself sometimes setting the ground with no fear, no guilt and, finally, a profound sense of pride of who I am. I am worthy; I am worthy! I’m not perfect, heck nobody is, but even with my imperfections, I’m perfect and worthy. I do not allow anyone to treat me wrong, on the contrary, I set the way I want to be treated. I cut loose of situations or people who disturb my peace. I don’t allow anyone to criticize, patronize, condescend, bully, or take advantage. For the first time in-my-life, I choose!! who enters in my life (with no guilt nor remorse) I decide to be with those who value me, I choose to enrich my life with happy and vibrant people who contribute to living my life being lighter and fuller.
I feel lucky I found Karen, and her work has been growing inside my subconscious and my spirit for the past months. Trust me! It’s worth it every penny”


The insights I gained from my private session with you were priceless. I loved the deep serenity of (The Bliss Method Meditation) class and how it lingered throughout the evening.
Sandy Lord – Professional Trader and CIO Fellini Networks & IT LLC; Past TM teacher, Belgium 1973 under Maharishi & taught Governor Courses based on the Yoga Sutras

A retired TM Meditation Teacher said...

I make my living in metaphysics and recently opened a center of my own. I have taken and taught all kinds of meditation classes as well as countless other esoteric metaphysical studies including shamanic practices and eastern energy work that explore altered states of consciousness. After I opened my new business Karen offered me complementary hypnosis sessions and then I paid to enroll in her (Sacred Selfcare) classes. Not only did I achieve many blissful expanded meditative states while taking the class but since class I am now able to go more quickly and go deeply into meditation or any altered state work I love using the new techniques I learned. What I learned has enhanced all my other work and practices. Karen is compassionate and devoted to her students and clients AND she is a skilled and knowledgeable hypnosis and healing practitioner and teacher. I refer my own clients, students and customers to her all the time. She is one of the best in Texas.

Grendl Tucker

Owner at Center Point - Body Mind and Soul

Karen is absolutely phenomenal! She is a very patient, caring, and pleasant professional. Initially, I was nervous about the hypnosis/meditation sessions, but Karen helped guide me every step of the way. I found the sessions to be interesting, entertaining, and relaxing. Karen helped me get rid of the emotional weight I’d been caring for about 10 years. My only regret is that I didn’t find Karen sooner, because I love this new me!

Alma Villatoro

College Student – Texas

I went to sessions with Karen for pain management on a recommendation from a family member. I will honestly confess I wouldn’t have ever tried it without her recommendation and encouragement, but I am so grateful I did. I had horrible knee pain before seeing Karen and though it didn’t go completely away we certainly got it down to something I can manage. People at work even thought I had surgery I was moving so much better and able to do physical tasks that before I couldn’t do. I sent my brother to Karen for sessions and his shoulder movement and pain got so much better that it messed up his golf game because he’d been compensating for the lack of mobility in his shoulder for years, so now he blames Karen when I beat him! Ha-ha

RJ Mertens

Computer Networking – Texas

I have a 40-60+ hours a week professional corporate career, 3 young children I adore and recently went through a divorce, so I am now a single mother. I assure you I know stress. I saw Karen for a Hypnosis session during my divorce and I can’t tell you what a profoundly peaceful state she helped me achieve. I was so calm for the rest of the day. She gave me a trigger to bring back that sense of peace and I have used it and other techniques she gave me ever since. She suggested that I take her Meditation class (The Bliss Method) to master putting myself into that same state and learn to go even deeper relaxed. I am definitely going to do to take that class! I think she is very gifted at what she does. I would recommend Karen to anyone. I have already referred family and friends to Karen and they also had great results.

April Kincade

Project Manager for Software Development Co.

The imagery of Karen’s scripts is beautiful and truly inspired. I use them in my practice to offer children with trauma an experience of safety and possibility. This imagery guides children towards the understanding that their thoughts can effect positive change in how they feel physically and emotionally. I happily recommend these to parents and clinicians alike

Kate Kestle


I am a professional in the mental health field. I had the pleasure of meeting Karen and spending quite a bit of time with her while we were both pursuing our primary and advanced certifications in Hypnotherapy. Many professionals from the mental health field, as well as alternative, integrative, and traditional medical fields attended and participated on this spiritual journey. However, when it came time to feel completely comfortable and choose someone that I could put all of my trust into to assist me in dealing with very personal unresolved issues, I chose to work with Karen. Although there were many issues addressed, Karen gave me an exceptional healing experience through hypnosis in regard to my father’s recent death. I was amazed and grateful at how quickly and gracefully my feelings around the issue were resolved so healing could begin. She is a gifted NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner. Her compassion, insight and skill give her a powerful and extraordinary healing presence that you can feel during your sessions with her. I highly recommend her and I would feel completely comfortable in referring clients to her for support work when appropriate.

Monica Miner

RMHCI – Florida

I had a very scary bout with cancer of few years back. Karen was with me through every step of my battle. Her guidance, and healing, and just all-around support brought me through it. Many of my doctors and nurses remarked about how well I was dealing with the treatment. After surgery, the nurses and my doctor remarked about how rapidly I recovered, how strong I was, and how well I healed. I sincerely believe that was due to Karen’s work with me, and her comforting healing presence. Studies show that people have a much more rapid recovery when they have a positive attitude and loving support from their caregivers. I don’t think we need a study to know that it is true. I will be FOREVER grateful for Karen’s support during that very trying time. I would recommend her to anyone going through an illness, and have often referred my own family and friends. I wish everyone could have the kind of support and care she offers when they are sick or in pain.

Barbara Pride

Technical Writer for NASA - Texas