The Trauma-Induced Beliefs Resolution Process

            a proven process that focuses directly on resolving the “core cause” of the most difficult emotional struggles that childhood trauma causes and opens a flow of genuine self-love, self-confidence, and the true inner peace that you have been searching for. 

.“The truth, that not many people recognize, is that the greatest pain we experience from childhood trauma isn’t the pain we felt during the traumatic events we experienced. It is the absolutely predictable pain caused by the distorted beliefs that we created as innocent children in response to key critical traumatic events. These trauma-induced beliefs are the “core wound” that we subconsciously carry into out adult lives from childhood and if left unresolved, they become the core cause of most our most relentless, painful, long-term struggles.

These  ill-conceived, false beliefs distort and limit how we experience our lives, how we engage in relationships, and most fundamentally, leave us feeling that we must some how be innately defective. 

True transformation ONLY happens when these false trauma-induced beliefs are replaced with the truth that can be found in your own evolved wisdom. It is only then we can be truly free”

Karen Free, The Transformational Trauma Coach

The Trauma-induced Belief Resolution Process is for people who…


consistently have difficulty feeling confidence, accepting praise, and feeling internal validation, even when they know this isn't logical.


consistently feel and undercurrent of difficult and disempowering emotions, even when there isn't an immediate or logical reason for these feelings.


often secretly feel that they are unlovable, broken, not enough, worthless, or that there is just something wrong with them...


have intensely difficult emotional triggers or reactions that can feel overwhelming and also trigger a hypercritical inner voice.


are walking the path of the "wounded healer" and are able to help others, but secretly believe they can't be healed.


have tried everything from traditional mainstream therapies to alternative practices to heal, clear, or resolve their struggles from the past, but are still "peeling the onion" and "regulating their emotions" and are ready to finally resolve these struggles at their core.

The “core wound” of childhood trauma is the core cause of the most painful long-term emotional struggles of childhood trauma. This “wound” is made up of the false and limiting trauma-induced beliefs that we created in response to key traumatic events. 

Something truly magical and transformative happens when this “core wound” is healedGenuine self-love, natural self-confidence, and a new level of inner  peace, opens up inside you and changes everything about your experience of life and living.  

All your relationships are better when this “core wound” is resolved. Living is experienced with a new found grace and ease that only comes when you genuinely love who are and know you are (and always were) innately worthy 

A sweet inner peace becomes the new normal as those painful triggers, that used to send toxic waves of  fear, insecurity, and sadness through your body, simply stop. 

Self-love and confidence replaces the unwarranted insecurities and relentless self doubts, so it becomes natural to ask for what you want, to aim as high as you deserve, and to enjoy your life as never before.  

When a person genuinely knows they are worthy, they naturally become crystal clear about what they will and won’t accept in their relationships.  You treat others with kindness and respect, so it is naturally expected in return. Setting appropriate boundaries becomes the new normal and owning your personal power becomes your new way of being 

Oh, and when the core wound is gone, those emotional triggers are finally gone. That means there are no “buttons” for others to push. You become almost  immune to manipulations and negative dramas.  Most remarkably, this shift from inner battles to inner peace, can bring forth an almost Divine ability for non-judgment and radical forgiveness, because you recognize that people with toxic tongues and behaviors are really just victims of their own internal battles (that have little or nothing to do with you!) You are finally free!  

Healing the “core wound” of childhood trauma, changes the way you experience life and who you perceive yourself to be. 

Are you ready to be free?

If you are ready, I invite you to schedule a free, Inner Battles to Inner Peace Consultation. Just click the link at the bottom of this page to get access to my calendar.  

If you would like to learn more about healing the “core wound” of childhood trauma, I created a free Masterclass just for you.

The Trauma Induced Beliefs Resolution Process


Session 1:

 I will introduce you to my interactive guided meditation technique and a unique breath technique that is used throughout the process.  


Session 2:

Next, I will lead you through an interactive guided mediation process to help you resolve the trauma-induced, false beliefs that are the core cause of your most difficult emotional triggers, reconsolidate the associated memories. 


Session 3:

 Next, we will focus on resolving the false beliefs associated with others, usually your parents or guardians.  


Session 4:

In this final session we will focus on resolving the remaining false and limiting beliefs associated with how you see your future, creating the inner alignment that will free you to live from your true authentic self. 


“Karen absolutely changed my life. …I accessed real change that I could feel deeply. I was afraid wouldn’t last, but it did, and it has continued to unfold; everything is just better (especially close relationships.) She tapped into hidden emotional traumas I didn’t even realize I had and cleared them once and for all. She did in 4 sessions what no one else has done, and no amount of self-healing has done for me though out a lifetime of searching. … Invest in your heart, your mind, your emotions, your energy, your spiritual connection, your soul; with this amazing process! You will not be let down. I highly recommend her, I think she’s magic.”

Brittany Rollins


“…What grabbed my attention was that she mentioned people came to her after trying a lot of other modalities. That resonated with me because I have been on my own self-awareness path for the last 30 years. From Tony Robbins’ fire walk to Centerpointe and the Forum. I have “workshopped” myself to death! Traditional therapy, self-help books, antidepressants to all types of metaphysical practices, so I was intrigued that she claimed in just 4 sessions with her I could make majors shifts. I am a skeptic, but I have to admit she was right. Each session had an incredible profound effect on me… Karen, is a remarkable healer. Her sincerity and generosity to help bring out the best is truly a gift and a blessing.”

Lynne Schafer


“It is impressive how this method, in so little time, completely changed my life. All the depression and the insecurities in my life are gone. I have never felt completely happy until now. This is a new me. I feel so much confidence in myself. Now, I don’t care anymore about what others think about me. …I don’t judge anymore. On the contrary, I respect and accept people the way they are. No need to change anybody nor myself. I can finally say that I’ve found happiness and fulfillment. I have the power to control my life and not let others to do it. I’m looking forward to continuing to make my inner peace more solid than ever. Thank you, Karen, for leading me to the right path and encouraging me to love myself. Like you always say: “The truth will set you free”.

Nathalie Sellan


Karen’s Transformational alchemy process changed my life! …had gotten my life on the right track for the most part with Yoga and meditation but there were just a few triggers in my life that I just could not break through so I gave Karen a shot. After just 4 sessions with Karen something significantly shifted. Those triggers were gone. I noticed this in all areas of my life. Work, relationship and family problem that got under my skin in the past just seemed to roll right off me and not bother me anymore. Things that got me all riled up in the past just didn’t bother me the way they used to. Even my boyfriend commented… about all the positive changes he saw in me after this process. I highly recommend this process, Karen is truly magical!

Valerie Feachen


I am a professional in the mental health field. I had the pleasure of meeting Karen and spending quite a bit of time with her while we were both pursuing our primary and advanced certifications in Hypnotherapy. Many professionals from the mental health field, as well as alternative, integrative, and traditional medical fields attended and participated on this spiritual journey.

However, when it came time to feel completely comfortable and choosing someone that I could put all of my trust into to assist me in dealing with very personal unresolved issues, I chose to work with Karen.  …I was amazed and grateful at how quickly and gracefully my feelings around the issue were resolved so healing could begin. She is a gifted NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner. Her compassion, insight, and skill, give her a powerful and extraordinary healing presence that you can feel during your sessions with her. I highly recommend her and I would feel completely comfortable in referring clients to her for support work when appropriate. 

– Monica Miner, LMHC


“…I am a 59-year-old women diagnosed over two years ago with Parkinson’s Disease. People tell me I have a positive attitude and I am very health conscious which will help me manage this disease. But my mind was full of clutter from racing thoughts of fear, denial, pain, sadness and guilt to name a few. I was not getting anything done because of the congestion of thoughts in my head. My mind needed a reboot, so I could recover from my symptoms… I made an appointment with Karen and I unequivocally submitted to Karen’s guidance during my sessions… My head felt lighter after my first visit. The day after my second session, I woke up and cried hard. After my 4 sessions, I felt a released from worry and negative thoughts. I am now practicing allowing my mind and spirit to heal my body. Thank you, Karen, for empowering me with the technique to meditate and visualize so my body can heal.”

Monica Meditz


“Karen is absolutely phenomenal! She is a very patient, caring, and pleasant professional. Initially, I was nervous about the hypnosis/meditation sessions, but Karen helped guide me every step of the way. I found the sessions to be interesting, entertaining, and relaxing. Karen helped me get rid of the emotional weight I’d been caring for about 10 years. My only regret is that I didn’t find Karen sooner, because I love this new me!”

Alma Villatoro, College Student – Texas


“Super recommendable! I arrived at her office with a rooted belief that I don’t deserve anything in life. I felt unloved most of my life, a constant sense of guilt and unworthiness… I identified myself with every criticism I received …I was so tired of living this way, and I could not understand why and how to stop it… After having my sessions with (Karen), I cannot believe myself sometimes, setting the ground with no fear, no guilt, and finally, a profound sense of pride of who I am. I am worthy; I am worthy! …For the first time in-my-life, I choose!! who enters in my life (with no guilt nor remorse) I decide to be with those who value me…I feel lucky I found Karen, and her work has been growing inside my subconscious and my spirit for the past months. Trust me! It’s worth it every penny”


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