The Transformational Alchemy Process

          Heals the core wound of childhood trauma and opens a flow of genuine self-love, self-confidence, and deep inner peace, that transforms every area of life

“Self-love is the secret elixir of life. It’s what everyone is truly seeking. 

            Self-love not only changes your relationship with yourself, it changes your relationships with everyone else, and with life itself.”   – Karen Free 

The Transformational Alchemy Process is for people who …


have painful emotional triggers of relentless sadness, unwarranted fear, or toxic self-doubt and are ready to permanently dissolve them


too often get caught in a swirl of negative thoughts, and difficult emotions, and want to break free


sometimes think of themselves as “broken” unloveable, or "not enough"


have unwanted painful emotional reactions to specific types of persons or circumstances


are walking the path of the wounded healer, able to deeply heal others, but have unhealed emotional wounds that you are still carrying


have tried everything form the traditional to the esoteric to clear, heal, and resolve painful emotional triggers from past emotional trauma, but are still "peeling the onion" and coping with the pain

Something truly magical happens when you heal the core emotional wound of childhood trauma.

Genuine self-love, self-confidence, and a new level of inner  peace, that was blocked before. opens up inside you and transforms every area of your life as you experience a new way of living it.

All your relationships are elevated; your relationship with yourself, your relationships with others, and your relationship with life itself, all are experienced with a new found grace and ease that comes when you deeply and without question, genuinely love who you, and love being you.   

Your new level of inner peace changes your experience of live and living as those triggers that sent a chemical cocktail of past fears, anger, and sadness, in waves through your body, simply vanish. 

Self-confidence replaces unwarranted doubts with a deep unquestionable knowing of your own self-worth so you find it easy to ask for what you want, to aim as high you want, and enjoy your successes, as never before.  

Self-love means that you KNOW you are worthy, so you become crystal clear about what you will accept and what you will not accept in relationships. Worthiness creates self-trust that stops the endless and unwarranted self-questioning of the past. You treat others with love and respect and you expect that in return, so “setting boundaries” just comes naturally. 

Oh, and when the “emotional triggers” are gone, that means there are no “buttons” for others to push. You simply become immune to manipulation and criticism that used to entangle you or hurt you.  Remarkably, I usually see this shift into self-love, self-confidence and inner peace, bring forth an ability for an almost Divine ability for non-judgment and forgiveness (even of the unforgivable) because you clearly recognize that people with toxic tongues, attitudes and behavior, are really just victims of their own internal battles, that have very little or nothing to do with you.     

You become free to be who you want to be (and you become unfuckwithable!)

The Transformational Alchemy Process


Session 1:

The this session you tell me your story. Then you will receive a shorter Transformational Alchemy session so that you feel completely comfortable with my techniques before proceeding to the deep core work.  This session also begins the emotional healing process as it opens up your heart to unconditional love.


Session 2:

You will be guided through an Energy Infused Regression, Progression & Wisdom Integration. This highly individualized session heals the core emotional wound and dissolves the most painful symptoms, and emotional triggers.


Session 3:

This session continues dissolving the emotional triggers stemming from the core emotional wound that are connected to your relationships with others, primarily those involved in your past trauma.  


Session 4:

In this final session you dissolve any lingering emotional triggers. associated with the core wound. This Energy-infused session is the final step to opening the innate flow of Self-love, trust, and confidence that the core emotional wound was blocking. 

“Karen absolutely changed my life. …I accessed real change that I could feel deeply. I was afraid wouldn’t last, but it did, and it has continued to unfold; everything is just better (especially close relationships.) She tapped into hidden emotional traumas I didn’t even realize I had and cleared them once and for all. She did in 4 sessions what no one else has done, and no amount of self-healing has done for me though out a lifetime of searching. … Invest in your heart, your mind, your emotions, your energy, your spiritual connection, your soul; with this amazing process! You will not be let down. I highly recommend her, I think she’s magic.”

Brittany Rollins

“…What grabbed my attention was that she mentioned people came to her after trying a lot of other modalities. That resonated with me because I have been on my own self-awareness path for the last 30 years. From Tony Robbins’ fire walk to Centerpointe and the Forum. I have “workshopped” myself to death! Traditional therapy, self-help books, antidepressants to all types of metaphysical practices, so I was intrigued that she claimed in just 4 sessions with her I could make majors shifts. I am a skeptic, but I have to admit she was right. Each session had an incredible profound effect on me… Karen, is a remarkable healer. Her sincerity and generosity to help bring out the best is truly a gift and a blessing.”

Lynne Schafer

“It is impressive how this method, in so little time, completely changed my life. All the depression and the insecurities in my life are gone. I have never felt completely happy until now. This is a new me. I feel so much confidence in myself. Now, I don’t care anymore about what others think about me. …I don’t judge anymore. On the contrary, I respect and accept people the way they are. No need to change anybody nor myself. I can finally say that I’ve found happiness and fulfillment. I have the power to control my life and not let others to do it. I’m looking forward to continuing to make my inner peace more solid than ever. Thank you, Karen, for leading me to the right path and encouraging me to love myself. Like you always say: “The truth will set you free”.

Nathalie Sellan

Karen’s Transformational alchemy process changed my life! …had gotten my life on the right track for the most part with Yoga and meditation but there were just a few triggers in my life that I just could not break through so I gave Karen a shot. After just 4 sessions with Karen something significantly shifted. Those triggers were gone. I noticed this in all areas of my life. Work, relationship and family problem that got under my skin in the past just seemed to roll right off me and not bother me anymore. Things that got me all riled up in the past just didn’t bother me the way they used to. Even my boyfriend commented… about all the positive changes he saw in me after this process. I highly recommend this process, Karen is truly magical!

Valerie Feachen

“I am 70 years old and I have had panic attacks almost my entire life. I found them very embarrassing and I tried so many things including therapy and prayer to overcome them but they continued. I even chose to retire several years early because they were being triggered by the new working conditions I had been assigned… It’s been 3 months and I still haven’t told anyone about my panic attacks stopping because I’m afraid I will jinx it. I am still having trouble believing this is possible. It still seems too good to be true.”

“…I am a 59-year-old women diagnosed over two years ago with Parkinson’s Disease. People tell me I have a positive attitude and I am very health conscious which will help me manage this disease. But my mind was full of clutter from racing thoughts of fear, denial, pain, sadness and guilt to name a few. I was not getting anything done because of the congestion of thoughts in my head. My mind needed a reboot, so I could recover from my symptoms… I made an appointment with Karen and I unequivocally submitted to Karen’s guidance during my sessions… My head felt lighter after my first visit. The day after my second session, I woke up and cried hard. After my 4 sessions, I felt a released from worry and negative thoughts. I am now practicing allowing my mind and spirit to heal my body. Thank you, Karen, for empowering me with the technique to meditate and visualize so my body can heal.”

Monica Meditz

“Karen is absolutely phenomenal! She is a very patient, caring, and pleasant professional. Initially, I was nervous about the hypnosis/meditation sessions, but Karen helped guide me every step of the way. I found the sessions to be interesting, entertaining, and relaxing. Karen helped me get rid of the emotional weight I’d been caring for about 10 years. My only regret is that I didn’t find Karen sooner, because I love this new me!”

Alma Villatoro, College Student – Texas

“Super recommendable! I arrived at her office with a rooted belief that I don’t deserve anything in life. I felt unloved most of my life, a constant sense of guilt and unworthiness… I identified myself with every criticism I received …I was so tired of living this way, and I could not understand why and how to stop it. … After having my sessions with (Karen), I cannot believe myself sometimes, setting the ground with no fear, no guilt, and finally, a profound sense of pride of who I am. I am worthy; I am worthy! …For the first time in-my-life, I choose!! who enters in my life (with no guilt nor remorse) I decide to be with those who value me…I feel lucky I found Karen, and her work has been growing inside my subconscious and my spirit for the past months. Trust me! It’s worth it every penny”


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I specialize in helping people heal the core wound of childhood trauma, & open up a flow of genuine self-love, self-confidence, and a deep level of inner peace, that changes every area of your life.

 Self-love is the secret elixir of life. Everyone who is searching, is searching for what this gift brings.