a powerful meditation and energy practice that trains your mind to go                       quickly and deeply in to a blissful, love-infused meditation (and beyond.)


A 7-step initiation into Sacred Self-Care

You will…

 Ever Deepen Your Divine Connection with a Spiritual Practice that trains your mind to naturally, quickly and easily go into relaxing, ever-deeper, love infused meditative states (You will have Bliss Breath.)

Cultivate Your Own Spiritual Power & Open Spiritual Gifts with The Bliss Method’s Sacred Self-care Energy Techniques.

Become an Ever-Evolving Conduit of Divine Love and light as you open your heart and cultivate your own unconditional love and spiritual energy using The Bliss Method’s energy cultivation techniques.   

Live more and more in Flow with Your Soul’s Authentic Divine Expression by Freeing Yourself from False Conditioned Beliefs using your individualized Transformational Mantras.

Elevate the Love and Deepen the Connection in all Your Relationships as you live more and more in the Grace of Unconditional Self-love using the Sacred Self-care Technique to open, clear and cultivate your heart’s spiritual power. 

And so much more.

Step One of The Bliss Method is Cultivating your Bliss Breath


When you cultivate Bliss Breath…

…you train your mind to move quickly and easily into a relaxing love-infused meditative state,                          with just a few (unique) breathes. Being able to quickly have a powerful meditation practice is easy when you can shift your “Too Busy Mind” to a “Relaxed Meditative Mind” in just a few minutes.

Even better, you will experience your “Bliss Breath” becoming more powerful after each Initiation session and you continue to cultivate it’s power every time you use it.

The Bliss Breath technique was created when I realized that too many people didn’t have a consistent meditation practice because they felt it was just too hard to quiet their “busy mind” either quickly or consistently. Then I realized I had the knowledge to train your mind to quickly and easily go into powerful meditative state by combining proven western neuroplasticity techniques with a unique blend of eastern spiritual practices,                                                 

Bliss Breath also helps you integrate the benefits of your meditation practice into your daily life. Bliss Breathe allows you to shift your state of mind anytime that serves you, not just when you are sitting in meditation.                                                                                                     

“The mind can be a magnificent servant or a merciless master.”

with the Bliss Method you become the master of your mind by training it to powerfully serve you

                                                    in meditation (and beyond.)                                                      

“Bliss Breath is magical! I use it everyday.”

Does “Bliss Breath” really work and is it easy to learn?

Let me tell you about a young male nurse who came in to see me for a private Bliss Breath Session.

He was suffering from work anxiety so badly that he already had high blood pressure and he was only in his mid-thirties.

Here’s what he wrote, after only one private Bliss Breath Session.

“Excellent results! I was able to change my systolic blood pressure from the 150s to 120s after 2 minutes of using the breathing technique (Bliss Breath)…”

G. Wapings


Why don’t I have mystical experiences like those I hear about or read about in all the books?

“Am I doing something wrong? 

Metaphysical experiences will occur spontaneously when the subtle energies begin flowing freely through your energy meridians, channels, and chakras. As your energy body is purified, and your energy builds, it will ignite your unique spiritual gifts and they will begin to emerge.

With the most basic traditional meditation techniques alone, that are taught most what most often in the west) these mystical experiences are unlikely to ever occur without many years of intense daily practice.

This is why now is an amazing time to be alive!

My first eastern master teacher told us how lucky we were to be given his secret Qigong practices. He told us that traditionally a Qigong Master would probably teach Tia Chi. He might have 100’s of Tia Chi students in his lifetime, but choose only 2 or 3 carefully selected students to receive his coveted secret Qigong practices. Even then, he might ask these student to complete a very difficult test to prove themselves worthy each time a technique was given.

These tasks were not easy. One task he knew was asked was to walk across a deep gorge balancing on nothing more than a chain!It used to be said, “Many are called but few are chosen.

Today, if you hear the call, and you answer,

it will be given to you.

Step Two  is Cultivating Your Spiritual Power  

With the Bliss Method you will move the subtle energies in your body and through your energetic channels and centers, to awaken, purify, and cultivate your spiritual power. This will open and deepen your own unique spiritual gifts and integrate your Divine energic connection with the Universe

As you continue in your practice, these techniques clear the way for you to access deeper and more blissful states of meditation and higher states of consciousness. You will become a more open conduit of Divine love and light as you as you live more and more from your authentic Divine expression.

(With Enrollment Bonus 1., 1 will show you how to discover your personal “Passion Code” and the keys to the Entryway of your own “Zone of Flow” so that you can have laser beam clarity about your unique passions and purpose.)

This practice was created for those who are called to authentically know your own soul.

It will open you to receive those mystical experiences and spiritual gifts that add a sacred mystical dimension to your life.

              You Will Move Beyond Your Emotional & Energic Blocks into                     to Ever Higher Levels of Consciousness and 
Divine Mystical Experiences…

Please Accept this Invitation YOUR SOUL CALLS OUT FOR

 Go Beyond Meditation…

Invest in that which is Sacred Within You…
invest in your own precious heart, miraculous mind, and infinite Divine Spirit. 
 Invest in your own Sacred Self-care with…

A 7-step initiation into Sacred Self-Care

You will learn to…

Live from your Authentic Divine Expression 

 Access your Body’s Innate Self-Healing for Radiant Health 

 Cultivate Deep Self-Love That Gives You Powerful Self-Confidence and Naturally Deepens All Your Relationships

Live Your Passion, Purpose, & Calling, as You Elevate Your Spiritual Power as you Become a Conduit for Divine Light & Love and Activate & Cultivate Your Own Healing Power 

Activate Your Soul’s Unique Divine Gifts

Infuse Your Meditation with the Bliss of Unconditional Love and Gratitude to Access and Live from Ever Higher States of Consciousness

Each week of your Initiation you will

 Be guided into deeper states of meditation as you experience the Sacred Self-care cultivation techniques that build the richness, depth and power of your practice. You will proceed through each primary embodied chakras/emotional and spiritual centers learning how to open, clear, and build the power of each one as you build the power of your energy body.

 Experience becoming an ever-evolving Conduit of Divine Love as learn to connect with and expand into the infinite ocean of light that always surrounds you with The Bliss Method’s light expansion technique.                                                                                                  

 Train your mind to move into a deep love infused meditative state with just a few unique breaths as you cultivate “Bliss Breath”. You will be led through the cultivation technique several times each session so that it will be easy and natural for you to continue building the strength and richness of your Bliss Breath long after your initiation

Experience higher states of super-consciousness that open to you through The Bliss Method.

 Participate in a live training and Q & A to ensure that you have clarity and confidence in your techniques as you build the mastery of your practice. 

                  …and each week there will be something new to learn & experience as we practice together!

 A 7-step Initiation into Sacred Self-Care

The Initiation Experiences and Teaching for Each Week:

Week 1: The Root Chakra

 Learn about the 1st Chakra Center and the most common beliefs that fuel the emotions of lack, and fears about survival, that block the power and flow of this first chakra.

Learn to clear the emotions that leave you feeling “un-grounded” and unable to actualize your talents and gifts.

Align more and more with your Authentic Divine Expression as you begin experiencing the power of using a Transformational Mantra.

You will practice with one chosen to clear a belief that fuel any fears you have of lack or worries around survival, as you are integrating a true and more empowering new belief that serves you. 

Further develop your knowledge and clarity about the infinite potential inside you when you learn about the 3 primary levels of consciousness.

This knowledge will simplify the understanding of the levels of consciousness, that both meditation and the advanced techniques within The Bliss Method will give you access to.

Learn the technique (and the science behind the technique) for cultivating your “Bliss Breath” so that you can go into a deep and rich meditative state more quickly and easily. 

Experience being guided into meditation and into the Sacred Self-care cultivation technique that begins opening, clearing  and building the power of the Root Chakra. 


Week 2: The Sacral Chakra

 Learn about the 2nd Chakra/Emotional Center and the most common beliefs that fuel emotions of anger, frustration, envy, shame, guilt, craving, and lusting that block this Chakra.

These emotions most often come from unresolved trauma and they block your ability to express your creativity, to enjoy pleasure, and the flow of your Spiritual Power.

 Uncover your personal “Original Lie”, a subconscious belief created at your birth.

Learn to begin writing your own Transformational Mantra to dissolve this belief while integrating a new empowering belief to support the opening and flow of your Spiritual, Creative and Sexual Energy within the Sacral Chakra

  Experience being guided into meditation and into the Sacred Self-care cultivation technique that begins opening, clearing  and building the power of the Sacral Chakra. 

Experience connecting with and expanding into the Divine Omnipresent Presence, the limitless Ocean of Light, Energy, and Consciousness that always surrounds you and that lives within you, and all that you perceive.

This connection helps you achieve an ever deeper meditative state and more exquisite levels of bliss.

You will experience the light flowing through you, merging with you, all the while purifying you, healing you, as you build the energetic power within your Energy Body.  

Week 3: The Solar Plexus Chakra 

 Learn about the 3rd Chakra and the most common beliefs that block it that fuel insecurity and anxieties about expressing your full potential for success in life.

 Ignite and increase the flow of the Chakras on the palms of your hands and bottoms of your feet.

 Clear energy Blocks from the body and store your Spiritual Power within the body as you become a more powerful, open, and flowing conduit of Divine Love and Light.

 Experience more layers of the Expansion into Presence technique.

This will continue to more powerfully move the subtle energies in the body for deeper bliss. It opens and expands the flow of light through your energy body while purifying and healing it.

This also builds the energy and power around you that you can use to accelerate physical healing in yourself and others.

 Learn a simple series of hand positioning techniques for Sacred Self-Care, for the storing energy in the body, self-healing, receiving energy from the Universe, and sending healing energy to others.

As you practice these techniques you will continue to evolve as an instrument of peace and a conduit of Divine Love and light for the world.

  Experience being guided into meditation and into the Sacred Self-care cultivation technique that begins opening, clearing  and building the power of the Solar Plexus Chakra. 

Learn to infuse your wishes and intentions, for yourself and the world, with the Spiritual Power you cultivate in your practice with an ancient Qigong technique.


Week 4: The Heart Chakra

  Learn about the 4th Chakra Center and the most common beliefs that fuel emotions that block this Chakra and your flow of flow of Self-love, Unconditional- love and Divine love. 

Experience the most powerful, and yet very simple, Transformational Mantra for the Heart Chakra.

This Transformational Mantra will open you to the full embodiment of Self-love.

It opens your heart to love, quiets your own mind’s criticism and makes you immune to negative criticisms from others. 

Experience being guided into meditation and into the opening and expansion of your heart’s love and light as you learn a unique Sacred Self-care technique to cultivate and embody the energies of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

This heart work cultivates your Self-love, Unconditional love and Divine love as it deepens your Divine Connection.

Learn to utilize the power of your Love with an ancient Qigong technique that infuses your wishes and intentions with the Love you cultivate in your practice.



Week 5: The Throat Chakra

 Learn about the 5th Chakra and the most common beliefs that fuel the emotions of sadness, depression, resentment and blame that cause blockages and stagnation within it., 

 Receive a Transformational Mantra to integrate a belief to clear the emotions that most often block the 5 chakra.

Also, learn about a little know blockage between the the 5th and 6th chakra that often prevents the opening of the 6th Chakra and the opening 3rd eye.

 Learn how to strengthen your spiritual maturity through practicing this profound element of Sacred Self-Care that is essential for maintaining a peaceful mind and a pure, open heart. 

This is the most essential practice for deepening your meditation and clearing the throat Chakra. This Spiritual practice is also essential to clear the blocks in the 6th Chakra that keeps the 3rd eye from opening.

 Begin Integrating the “Essential Spiritual Practice” into your daily way of being with a simple daytime affirmation you will receive to support you.

 Experience being guided into meditation and into the Sacred Self-care cultivation technique that begins opening, clearing  and building the power of the Throat Chakra

Week 6: The Third Eye Chakra

 Learn about the 6th Chakra and the most common beliefs that fuel the mental confusion and the lack of trust that cause blockages  within the 3rd eye Chakra.

• Experience being guided into meditation and into the Sacred Self-care cultivation technique that begins opening, clearing  and building the power of the 3rd Eye Chakra. 

You will become more aware and attuned to the flow of Divine Guidance, Inspiration and Wisdom available to you as you master quieting the mind and opening the flow of the 3rd eye Chakra. 

 Infuse your intentions and wishes with Spiritual Power as you learn and experience the final step of the ancient Qigong technique you began learning in the 3rd week. 


Week 7: The Crown Chakra

 Learn about the 7th Chakra and learn how to open its power and flow by connecting to Chakra not in your physical body

 To align with your ever-evolving Divine Spirit you will be given the Full ” I am Spirit” Affirmation. I asked for and received this affirmation just for those that practice The Bliss Method.

 Experience being guided into the Unique Sacred Self-care cultivation technique that begins opening the power of the Crown Chakra as you integrate the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies of the two most powerful non-embodied Chakras. 

 Participate in an extended Q & A on how to tailor your practice for you for your own unique personal growth and spiritual evolution. 


“The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires. “

- Rumi


Enrollment Bonus 1

Know your Passion, Purpose & Flow – Discover your unique ‘Passion Code’ and the keys to your
‘Entryway to your Zone of Flow’ 

You will experience deeper more blissful meditations and personal presence as you align with your authentic Divine expression.  This Masterclass will help you find laser beam clarity about what drives your passion, your personal happiness, and how you enter your personal “Zone of Flow”.  You will find the understanding to accept and even love every one of your innate personality traits. ( and appreciate other people’s quirky traits as well.) We too often dislike, deny, abandon, and even hate, important parts of ourselves because we don’t understand their value, We too often mistake them for flaws to fix or weaknesses to overcome.  Instead, what you will discover is that these innate traits are essential for the expression of your greatest gifts, natural talents and unique intelligence. Embracing, balancing and integrating these traits is integral  for us if we are to align with our highest expression and to be a peace with our own design.

 $150 Value


Enrollment Bonus 2

You will receive Lifetime access to all of your Initiation Sessions Recordings

And. these energy -infused Mp3s that are only available to Initiates of The Bliss Method

  • The Bliss Method Technique for Cultivating the Heart Chakra, with Bliss Breath prompts.    $50 value
  • The Bliss Method Technique for Cultivating the 3rd eye Chakra, with Bliss Breath prompts.    $50 Value
  • The Bliss Method Technique for Cultivation of the Crown Chakra with Bliss Breath prompts.    $50 Value
  • The Bliss Method Technique to Connect to the Limitless Ocean of Light, with Intention infusion and Bliss Breath prompts.    $50 Value

Total Value $200 


Enrollment Bonus 3

 A Live Energy Infused Bliss Breath Cultivation Session with Chakra Clearing  & Mp3 recording. This recording is only available to those enrolled in The Bliss Method  Initiation.

$100  Value


There are 2 ways to be initiated into The Bliss Method

What people are saying about The Bliss Method…

“When Karen takes you through the Transformational Alchemy Process, you believe she’s magic, but when she takes you through your initiation into the Bliss Method, you will believe YOU are magic…

…I know I was supposed to meet Karen and learn these practices. I am so grateful. I would recommend The Bliss Method to anyone who wants to start a Spiritual Practice, or like me, wants deepen their practice and take it to another level.”

Brittany Rollins– Mother and Head Yogini at Life Time Fitness, 

“The insights I gained from my private session with you were priceless. I loved the deep serenity of (The Bliss Method) class and how it lingered throughout the evening.

Sandy Lord – Professional Trader and CIO Fellini Networks & IT LLC; Past TM, Transcendental Meditation  teacher, Belgium 1973 under Maharishi & taught Governor Courses based on the Yoga Sutras

“Karen’s Bliss Method sessions are powerful! I felt amazing after everyone one of her sessions and definitely felt a major energetic shift after we completed our final session. My boyfriend could even feel the energy vibrating in the room when I practiced next to him. Highly recommend the Bliss Method. Felt pure bliss after every one of the sessions!

Valerie Feachen – Yoga Instructor at The Yoga Pod West and Black Swan Yoga

“I went blissfully deep in every session, floating in an ocean of light… and I really missed it when my sessions were over… I love having the Bliss Breath technique. I use it a lot, especially at end of my yoga classes when I take everyone into Shavasana. Also, when Karen taught me her Transformational Mantra Technique, I quickly let go of some old emotional pain I was carrying, that I really hadn’t even been aware of, but I can feel a real difference now that it’s gone.

…I invited Karen to teach an introduction to The Bliss Method at one of my yoga studios where I managed and people still ask me when she’s coming back. I think you’ll love your Bliss Method sessions (& Karen).”

Ena Garrido, Yogini and Manager, Pure Body Studios

“…Not only did I achieve many blissful expanded meditative states while taking the class but since class I am now able to go more quickly and go deeply into meditation or any altered state. I love using the new techniques I learned. What I learned has enhanced all my other work and practices. Karen is compassionate and devoted to her students and clients AND she is a skilled and knowledgeable hypnosis and healing practitioner and teacher. I refer my own clients, students and customers to her all the time. She is one of the best…”

Grendl Tucker, Owner, Center Point – Body, Mind, and Soul

Karen came to my yoga class and lead us through a mediation from the Bliss Method. I was going through a very stressful time personally and had been struggling with sleeping but that night I slept peacefully through the night for the first time in months. A few days later I enrolled in a Private Initiation with Karen. After only 2 Private Initiation Sessions my Fit Bit recorded that I was getting up to 52 minutes of “Deep Sleep’ a night! Before my sessions I was only getting about 2-4 minutes and most people get up to 30-40 minutes at best.
I go into meditation more quickly and I feel a deeper loving peace in my daily presence. (And when I open my eyes in meditation everything is glowing and luminous!)

Eunice Garcia ,  Business woman, yoga student and bad-ass Marathon Biker

es  anMeet Karen

My name is Karen Free. I am the creator of the Bliss Method and The Transformational Alchemy Process. I see myself as a modern mystic and a Emotional Healing Practitioner. I help other other modern mystics and spiritual travelers to embody Self-love, cultivate their spiritual power, and align with their authentic Divine expression so that they can open or develop their spiritual gifts, deepen their Divine Connection and live with more purpose, passion and bliss.

Karen’s Spiritual Path 

Though I chose a path of service, I openly admit it was the desire for relief from my own pain that finally caused me to become truly dedicated to my spiritual path. In my late 20’s I was told I had “PTSD at the level of a child held as a prisoner of war”. Even after over a year and a half of therapy with an extraordinary therapist I felt I needed much more than I had been offered to have real inner peace. It was then I began seeking meditation for deeper healing. What I found went far beyond meditation or anything I could have imagined at that time.

I found myself on a spiritual odyssey that included having the great privilege of receiving rarely granted knowledge of Qigong practices from an eastern Qigong Master. This Master is a Registered National treasure in the country he resides, but has asked his few students not to seek him out and to let him retire from public life. I dedicated myself to his practices for many years.  The techniques are more powerful than I could have ever  dreamed. They began moving my kundalini and opened my 3rd eye within the first few months I began practicing.

After few years after this new awakening I decided I wanted a teacher who lived in the US that was available to continue to teach me. I was led to a Shaman who guided me through a traditional Lakota Vision Quest. I sat out on a hill, with no food or water, surrounded by 2300 pray ties. She also trained me assist when others made their Vision Quests, which was as empowering and healing as doing my own quest. These mystical experiences deepened and enriched my Divine connection beyond what I had thought possible. From there I apprenticed with an Ecuadorian Shaman where I was introduced to shamanic journeying and healing practices which still influence my work.

Then came the most significant meeting along my path, Francis the Healer, a true Master of Eastern Energy Practices. I received healing from Francis that offered profound relief from painful emotional trauma I was still carrying from childhood. His healing also dissolved severe kidney stones and ended their chronic re-occurrence that had been plaguing  me for almost 15 years. Francis helped me understand my energy healing gifts and showed me how to cultivate my own Spiritual power to further open my healing gifts. I spent almost ten years offering healing to people in my home and acting as Francis’s Second, going to hospitals or people’s homes when Francis couldn’t or if they were too sick to travel themselves. Both Francis and I did this all on a donation basis, but this work was Francis’s full time calling. I served as a healer when my paid work day was done.  

When Francis left the Houston area, he gave me the honor of asking me to be the student to continue his teaching and training people with his extraordinary eastern energy practices.   

 I am now in private practice in Houston, TX. I have now been practicing and teaching the components of The Bliss Method and my emotional healing specialty, Transformational Alchemy, for almost twenty years. Both are a unique fusion of sacred eastern and western knowledge that has been passed down to me from, Shaman’s, Masters of Eastern Practices,  and cutting-edge transformational techniques, I learned from extraordinary western master teachers. 

As I look back, I have a deep knowing that a higher guidance has led me to each teacher, practice, technique, and experience that I have been gifted with on my journey. Nothing brings me more joy and fulfillment than sharing these sacred practices with you who are called to learn them.

 I absolutely know that you have all you need already within you. I hope to be one of the teachers that lights the way for you on your path of awakening. I know these practices will serve to awaken your gifts, your light, your truth, and the Guru that lies within you.


About Karen’s Western Work

Karen holds a BA in Communications and an NLP Practitioner, Certified by Tony Robbins. She has  20+ years speaking experience, specializing in the area of the long term emotional symptom from childhood trauma, self-knowledge and career choices and communications skillsKaren has spoken to hundreds of teachers and thousands of high school seniors in the Houston metropolitan area. Her presentations empowered them to create career choices, and other major life choices, that supported them to live their values, and actualize their personal passion, talents, & intelligence. Her most requested signature talks, “It’s About Choice” and “Communicate for Success” received rave reviews from over 100,000 high school seniors, teachers and counselors.

Karen is also certified to interpret and administer the, MBTI, Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator and has authored her own unique Personality Profiles for the MBTI that include a common set of values and motivational keys for each personality type. She utilized her profiles in developing and presenting her own innovative style of personal development and leadership workshops for student groups. Karen now draws from this work to teach her Masterclass, “Know your Passion & Purpose & Step into Flow” where individuals discover their unique “Passion Code” and their personal “Entryway to the Zone of Flow”. 

Karen and Nancy Davidson LCP, co-owned Delta Associates, a Communications and Human Relations Training and Development Company. They specialized in NLP and Interpersonal Communications training. Karen and Nancy co-developed and co-taught Professional Development Training workshops for teachers and counselors in many of the school districts in the greater Houston area.

Karen received her training in hypnosis at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America (HAA). She earned a certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and 2 additional advanced certifications in Medical Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy. Tim Simmerman, a true pioneer in the field of Hypnosis, is the Director and primary Instructor at HAA. The protocols he teaches at HAA are now being used in studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  These Hypnosis protocols have been found to be up to 20% more successful than the most often prescribed pharmaceuticals for the illness being studied. This is an example of not only how far hypnosis has moved into the mainstream of western therapies, but also further establishes that harnessing the healing  power of the miraculous human mind should have a prominent place in our modern world.  


The are 2 ways to be initiated into The Bliss Method

7-Live Online Group Initiation Sessions and all 3 bonuses (Value over $400) – $297


7-Private Initiation Sessions and all 3 bonuses (Value over $400) – $997 

Your Guarantee: I will happily give you 14 days after your initiation begins to decide if The Bliss Method is for you. In that time, if you’re not completely “Blissed Out” about your choice, contact me here at via my Contact Page, for a full, fast, and friendly refund.