Meet Karen

It’s time to change the narrative around childhood trauma. In fact, it’s long past time. I am dedicated to doing that.

Like most of my clients, I tried everything to heal from childhood trauma. I tried years of traditional therapy and countless self-help books, every seminar and workshop that offered any promise, and I studied meditation and esoteric practices of the east like Qigong with such dedication that I was even chosen by my teacher to teach his work when he moved away. I regrettably, spent thousands for expensive retreats with 2 different, well-known, spiritual teachers hoping they had the answers that I couldn’t find in the mainstream practitioners. When it came to helping resolve trauma, their work did not help at all, and one of the teachers used methods that left me feeling much closer to taking my life than I have ever come in my adult life.

Despite 3 decades of searching, nothing healed that deep core pain that I was searching to heal. That pain made me feel fundamentally broken. I came to believe it would never go away, until I found the deeper belief work I do now. When that pain was healed, my search for healing ended. I realized that core wound I had carried since childhood was finally gone. 

Belief work has saved my career and has always remained an integral part of it. I have a BA in Speech Communications and my first professional speaking job was developing and co-presenting talks and workshops for childhood trauma awareness and how to recognize and report child abuse. If I had not discovered the power of “belief work” early in early on in my career, my speaking and training career would have ended there. It was because of the belief change work I learned that I was able to change my limiting beliefs and begin my career as a speaker and trainer in personal and professional development. I wish I had also know then about how it uncover a trauma induced belief and resolve it, but it was decades later that I discovered the techniques I use now. 

The importance of resolving limiting beliefs was a fundamental principle in the presentations and workshops I did for students, as well as the professional training I did. It was because I knew the power our beliefs have over our behavior, and our experience of life, that I became a certified facilitator for The Pacific Institute’s “Fast Track to Change”. This program introduced the power of belief change strategies to almost 50% of the fortune 500 companies in the country. In that training, I became well versed in cutting edge belief change techniques and strategies, as well as Cognitive Behavioral Theory, the scientifically validated theory that belief change work is based on. With that knowledge, I became aware of the exact beliefs that made up what I now call “the core wound” of my own past trauma. Unfortunately, all the techniques, strategies, and theory, I had learned from some of the best teachers in the country, failed me. These cutting edge “mindset” techniques, as they are called now, simply were not powerful enough to shift a core belief with the emotional intensity of the beliefs I created when I was a child living in trauma. Far too many coaches don’t know that traditional techniques for belief change rarely work with trauma induced beliefs. The lack of trauma awareness in those professionals working in personal development is a problem that needs to be resolved and I hope to contribute to that change.

My search for healing continued until I found the final pieces that make up the work I do now. This belief change process I use now is a unique fusion of what I learned from a long list of great teachers, as well as my own new strategies I created after I began specializing with clients that had suffered childhood trauma. I now have my own private coaching practice. The word “transformational” get thrown around a lot these days, but the change I experienced with this work, as well as the change I continue to witness in my clients, is nothing less than transformational. I have experienced as well as  witnessed that it can change who you perceive yourself to be, how you see others, and how you experience life. That’s transformation.  

After I have guided some one through The Transformational Coaching Process, there is almost always this moment that happens. We will just chatting about how different they feel and then they get this startled look on their face, as if they just remembered something. Then they get quiet for a moment. It seems as if they’re searching their memory or searching for words. Then they look at me and say: “Oh my God! Do you mean I could have lived my whole life feeling this way?” I know that they are saying that they wish they could have found this work sooner, and wish that too, but this moment always renews my passion for doing this work.

So, now I am on a mission. I want to help as many people as I can resolve their trauma-induced beliefs and heal this core wound from their childhood trauma, AND to educate as many people as I can about the “core wound of childhood trauma” and how deeply and quickly it can be “healed”.

Something truly magical happens within you when the core wound from your childhood trauma is healed.

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Education and Training


Karen has a BA in Communications, is certified to administer and interpret the MBTI, is a Tony Robbins certified NLP professional, holds 4 certifications in advanced hypnosis from HAA, and is a certified CBT practitioner and a trainer of “Imagine 21 – the Fast Track to Change”, a cutting-edge belief change program, created by the late Lou Tice, of the Pacific Institute. Lou Tice’s belief change programs were presented and utilized in over 50% of fortune 500 companies.  

Before moving into her private coaching practice full-time Karen was a speaker and trainer In Houston area schools for 20 years, helping over 100,000 senior students, teachers, and other staff, to align with their most empowering beliefs, refine their communication skills, and develop the self-knowledge to choose a career that aligns with their unique intelligence, gifts, and personality.   

Karen has authored her own unique Personality Profiles for the MBTI that feature a common set of values for each personality type. She helped students understand that their values were their “Personal Keys to Happiness” and their “Personal Motivational Keys”. Karen still draws from this work to teach her masterclass, “Know your Passion, Purpose & Flow” where individuals discover their personal “Passion Code” and their “Zone of Flow”.

Karen co-owned Delta Associates, a training and development company, with Nancey Davidson, LPC. Together they provided professional development workshops for teachers in local school districts and small businesses, in the greater Houston area.

Karen received her training in hypnosis at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America (HAA).  The protocols taught at HAA have been used in studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  These Hypnosis protocols have been found to be up to 20% more successful than prescription medications for the illness studied. Showing not only how far Hypnosis has moved into the mainstream of western therapies, but proving that harnessing the power of the miraculous human mind should have a prominent place in our modern world.