Meet Karen


My name is Karen Free. I am the creator of the Bliss Method and The Transformational Alchemy Process. I see myself as a modern mystic. My work is to awaken other modern mystics and help fellow spiritual travelers to embody Self-love and cultivate their spiritual power, so that they can open or deepen their spiritual gifts, align with their authentic Divine expression and live with more purpose, passion and bliss.

The Spiritual Journey to this work


Though my path has been guided by the value of service, I openly admit it was the desire for my own pain to be healed that finally caused me to become truly dedicated to my spiritual path. In my late 20’s I was told I had “PTSD at the level of a child that had been held as a prisoner of war for a decade”. Even after over a year of therapy with an extraordinary therapist I felt I needed more what the western world had to offer me. It was then I began seeking meditation for deeper healing. What I found went far beyond meditation (or anything I could have imagined at that time.) 


I found myself on a spiritual odyssey that included having the great fortune of receiving rarely granted sacred knowledge and practices from an eastern Qigong Master that is a registered National Treasure in the country he resides. I dedicated myself to his practices daily for many years. These practices gave me a new, sacred dimension in my life. They opened my 3rd eye and began moving the kundalini in my body. Experiences I had believed were only myths until I was immersed in them.

With this new awakening I was led to a Lakota Medicine Woman who guided me through a traditional Lakota Vision Quest, out on a hill, with no food or water, sitting in deep meditation surrounded by the energy of 2300 pray ties that it rook 3 weeks of prayer to create. This mystical experience further deepened and enriched my Divine connection. From there I apprenticed with an Ecuadorian Shaman where I was introduced to shamanic journeying and healing which still profoundly influences my work. Then came the most significant meeting this far along my path, I met Francis the Healer, a true master of eastern energy and healing work.


I not only received healing from Francis that helped clear much of the painful emotional energy I had been carrying from childhood, dissolved severe kidney stones and ended their chronic re occurrence, but it was Francis that showed me how to cultivate spiritual power and further open my own healing gifts. I spent almost ten years offering healing to people in my home and acting as Francis’s Second, going to hospitals or people’s homes when Francis couldn’t or if they were too sick to travel themselves. Both Francis and I did this all on a donation basis but was dedicated full-time to healing and teaching and for me it was part time.  Then when Francis left the Houston area, he gave me the honor of asking me to be the student to who continued teaching his work. 


The Student Becomes a Teacher

It was when I became a teacher that it became clear to me that there was an essential missing piece to the work I offered. My intuition had been telling me for some time that people would weren’t healing or weren’t healing as deeply as they could, because of mental and emotional issues. I knew these similar issues were also blocking some of my student’s Spiritual progress and I had to admit, my own as well.

My searching took deeper into western transformational techniques and protocols that I had been already been studying and using other work I did, but it was when began working with this fusion of eastern energy work, with the western teachings of the subconscious mind, belief change work and other alternative integrative healing practices that I found the “missing piece” I had been searching for, I began seeing life changing transformations in people who has been carrying emotional trauma for decades and it was happening in only a few sessions. It was almost like magic. It was the perfect alchemy to heal the core of childhood trauma.


Coming in to my own

I now specialize in a unique holistic healing approach I call, Transformational Alchemy. This fusion of techniques and protocols heals the core of emotional wounds and unblock a flow of innate Self-love that unhealed emotional trauma blocks. Self-love changes everything. It is the is the foundation of all our relationships with other people and with the Divine. Until we find Self-love our Spiritual progress is always plagued with setbacks caused by internal battles that disrupt our inner peace in a myriad of ways. Through this process people moves beyond endlessly “peeling the onion” and find life-changing transformation and healing in just a few sessions.

I have now been practicing and teaching the components of Transformational Alchemy and The Bliss Method, my signature course, for over twenty years. Both are my own unique fusion of sacred eastern knowledge that has been passed down to me from masters of eastern practices and cutting-edge transformational techniques learned from extraordinary western master teachers.

I have a deep knowing that a higher guidance has led me each teacher, practice, technique, and experience that I have had the good fortune to find on my journey. Nothing brings me more joy and fulfillment than sharing these sacred gifts and practices with those called to them.


More about Karen


Karen holds a BA in Speech Communications. She is Neuro-Linguistic Professional, trained and Certified by Tony Robbins in NLP. She is also certified to interpret and administer the Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Moreover, for over 20 years Karen has been a professional speaker, specializing in the area of Childhood Emotional Trauma, NLP, the MBTI and Interpersonal Communications.


Karen has spoken to hundreds of thousands of high school seniors in the Houston metropolitan area. Her presentations empowered them to create career choices, and other major life choices, that supported them to live their values and express their personal passion, talents, & intelligence. Her most requested signature talk, “It’s About Choice”, received rave reviews from over 100,000 high school seniors and their teachers.


Karen has authored her own unique Personality Profiles for the MBTI that include a common set of values and motivational keys for each type. She utilized her profiles in developing and presenting her own innovative style of personal development and leadership workshops for student groups. Karen draws form this work to teach her masterclass, “Know your Passion, Purpose & Flow” where individuals discover their personal “Passion Code” and their “Entryway to the Zone of Flow”.


Karen co-owned, with Nancey Davidson LCP, Delta Associates, a Training and Development Company that specialized in NLP and Interpersonal Communications training. Karen and Nancey co-developed and co-taught Teacher Training workshops in the greater Houston area.


Karen received her training in hypnosis at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America (HAA). She earned a certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and advanced certifications in Medical Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy. Tim Simmerman is the Director and primary Instructor at HAA. The protocols he teaches at HAA are being used in studies now being conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  The Hypnosis protocols have been found to be up to 20% more successful than prescription medications for the illness studied. Showing not only how far Hypnosis has moved into the mainstream of western therapies, but proving that harnessing the power of the miraculous human mind should have a prominent place in our modern world. 

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