Meet Karen

It’s time to change the narrative around childhood trauma. 

Like most of my clients, I tried everything to resolve the deep feelings I carried of being fundamentally damaged from childhood trauma. I tried years of therapy, and practiced the teachings of countless self-help books, seminars, and workshops. I studied meditation and esoteric practices of the east like Qigong with such dedication that I was even chosen by my last teacher to teach his work when he moved away. I regrettably, spent thousands for expensive retreats with a well-known, spiritual teacher (who appeared on Oprah) hoping that he had the answers that I couldn’t find in the mainstream practitioners. Though many of these things offer temporary relief, and therapy and Qigong practices definitely diminished the intensity of the painful emotions I struggled with, that core feeling of defectiveness always returned. 

It took 3 decades of searching, but it was the work I do now, the resolution of one trauma induced belief, that I created as an innocent child, in one specific traumatic incident, that healed that core emotional wound I had carried since childhood. One of the most shocking things about this healing process is how simply and compassionately the process that resolves these trauma induced beliefs can be done. 

My first introduction to the power of changing a belief began early in my career and has always remained an integral part of it. I have a BA in Speech Communications and my first professional speaking job was co-creating and co-creating workshops for childhood trauma awareness. We taught the public and an array of professionals who worked with children, how to recognize and how to report child abuse. If I had not discovered the power of changing limiting false beliefs early in early on in my career, my speaking and training career would have ended there. It was because I learned the power of changing limiting beliefs by changing my own beliefs about success that I was able to even begin my career as a speaker and trainer in personal and professional development.  

The importance of resolving limiting beliefs was a fundamental principle in the presentations and workshops I did for students, as well as the professional training I did school staffs. I became well versed in cutting edge belief change techniques and strategies, as well as Cognitive Behavioral Theory, the scientifically validated theory that belief change work is based on. With that knowledge, I became aware of the exact beliefs that were the core cause of the these feeling I was seeking to heal from my own past trauma. Unfortunately, all the techniques, strategies, and theory, I had learned from some of the best trainers in “belief work” in the country, failed me. These cutting edge “mindset” techniques, as they are called now, simply were not powerful enough to shift a core belief with the emotional intensity of a trauma induced belief. Unfortunately far too many coaches  do more damage than good when they misguidedly believe that people that suffered childhood trauma just have a “victim mentality” and they don’t know that traditional techniques for belief change rarely work with trauma induced beliefs, The lack of trauma awareness in those professionals working in personal development is a problem that needs to be resolved. I hope to contribute to that change.

The Trauma-Induced Belief Resolution Process I use now is based on a unique fusion of what I learned from a several great trauma informed teachers who not only understood the how Cognitive Behavioral Theory could be applied specifically to change a false and limiting but knew techniques specifically that worked with trauma-induced beliefs, as well as my own new strategies I incorporated while doing belief work with clients that had suffered childhood trauma.

The word “transformational” get thrown around a lot these days, but this process fundamentally changes how you perceive your worth, who you perceive yourself to be, how you see others, and how you experience life. The change created by this process is truly transformational.  

The most common response I hear after from those who have gone through this process and resolved their trauma-induced beliefs is, “Oh my God, do you mean I could have lived my whole life feeling this way?”. Each time I hear that it renews my passion for doing this work and for helping to create a new narrative around trauma resolution. 

So, now I am on a mission. I want to help as many people as I can resolve their trauma-induced beliefs  AND to educate as many people as I can about this “core wound” of childhood trauma and how deeply and quickly this core wound can be “healed”.

It’s time to change the narrative around childhood trauma, in fact it’s long past time. I am dedicated to helping do that.

To learn more about resolving trauma-induced beliefs and finally living the life that you deserve, click the link below. 

Education and Training


Karen has a BA in Communications, is certified to administer and interpret the MBTI, is a Tony Robbins certified NLP professional, holds 4 certifications in advanced hypnosis from HAA, and is a certified trainer of “Imagine 21 – the Fast Track to Change”, a belief change program based on Cognitive Behavioral Theory, created by the late Lou Tice, of the Pacific Institute. Lou Tice was a leading corporate mindset coach, who’s belief change programs have utilized in over 50% of fortune 500 companies in the United States.  

Before moving into her private coaching practice full-time Karen was a speaker and trainer In Houston area schools for over 20 years, helping hundreds of thousands of senior level students, teachers, and counselors, to align with their most empowering beliefs, refine their communication skills, and develop the self-knowledge to align their career with their unique intelligence, gifts, and personality.   

Karen has authored her own unique Personality Profiles for the MBTI. The unique feature her profiles offer is a common set of core values for each personality type. She helped students understand that knowing their values was a key piece of self-knowledge. Her workshops taught that your innate values are your “Personal Keys to Happiness” and your “Personal Motivational Keys”. Karen still draws from this work to teach her masterclass, “Know your Passion, Purpose & Flow” where individuals discover their personal “Passion Code” and their “Zone of Flow”.

Karen also co-owned Delta Associates, a training and development company, with the late Nancey Davidson, LPC. Together they provided professional development workshops for teachers and professional staff in local school districts and for small businesses in the greater Houston area.