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         Set yourself Free &            Live in Self-love

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Experience The Transformational Alchemy Process™ that heals painful Emotional Transformation & triggers at their core so that you can live with the genuine self-love you deserve.

Write the inner script of your heart & soul's desire. Dissolve limiting core beliefs & integrate a new empowering mindset so that you naturally create & live a life you love.

Awaken the Guru within You

with Divine Love Energy Practices™ - a fusion of eastern & western meditation, transformation & energy practices

You will... 

  • Train Your Mind to go Quickly & Deeply into Relaxation & Meditation by Cultivating Bliss Breath™ 
  • Live more & more from Your Authentic Divine Nature by Liberating Yourself from False Conditioned Beliefs using Your Own Unique Transformational Mantras   
  • Become an Ever-evolving Conduit of Divine Love & Cultivate Your Own Spiritual Healing Power by Integrating Divine Love Energy Practices™ into Your Meditations 
  • Naturally Elevate all your Relationships as You Live more and more in the Grace of Self-love   
  • Ever Deepen your Divine Connection through Divine Love Energy Practices 

Reclaim your breath & free yourself           100% guaranteed

Dissolve your fears and phobias quickly and comfortably, so that you can live free.


" This method completely changed my life "
Thanks to Karen I am rid of the negative thoughts that dominated me. All the depression and the insecurities in my life are gone. I have never felt completely happy until now. I feel so much confidence in myself. I don’t care anymore about what others think about me. I don’t need to be told or reminded of how amazing I am. I can finally say that I’ve found happiness and fulfillment. I have the power to control my life and not let others to do it. -Nathalie Sellan
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" I have already referred family and friends to Karen and they also had great results."
I saw Karen for a Hypnosis session during my divorce and I can’t tell you what a profoundly peaceful state she helped me achieve. I was so calm for the rest of the day. She gave me a trigger to bring back that sense of peace and I have used it and other techniques she gave me ever since. -RJ Mertens,
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"Karen helped me get rid of the emotional weight I’d been carrying for about 10 years."
Karen is absolutely phenomenal! She is a very patient, caring, and pleasant professional. Initially, I was nervous about the hypnosis sessions, but Karen helped guide me every step of the way. I found the sessions to be interesting, entertaining, and relaxing. My only regret is that I didn’t find Karen sooner, because I love this new me! - Alma Villatoro,
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" What I learned has deeply enhanced my work and my spiritual practices."
Not only did I achieve many blissful expanded meditative states while taking the class but since then I am now able to go more quickly and go deeply into meditation. I love using the new techniques I learned. -Grendl Tucker,
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“The insights I gained from my private session with you were priceless. "
“The insights I gained from my private session with you were priceless. I loved the deep serenity of (Dynamic Meditation) class and how it lingered throughout the evening. -Sandy Lord
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"Excellent results!"
I was able to change my systolic blood pressure from the 150s to 120s after 2 minutes of using the breathing technique Karen taught me coupled with the hypnotic suggestions. -G Wapings
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"Now that I'm not overwhelmed with anxiety, fear and worry, I have been busy doing and being."
I am a 59-year- old women diagnosed over two years ago with Parkinson's Disease. My mind was full of clutter from racing thoughts of fear, denial, pain, sadness and guilt to name a few. I was not getting anything done because of the congestion of thoughts in my head. My mind needed a reboot, so I could recover from my symptoms. After my sessions, I felt a release of worry and negative thoughts. I am now practicing allowing my mind and spirit to heal my body. -Monica Meditz
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Trust me! it's worth every penny!
I arrived at her office with a rooted belief that I don't deserve anything in life.I felt unloved most of my life, a constant sense of guilt,being insecure and very low self-esteem. I was in pain and exhausted. After having my sessions with herI finally have a profound sense of pride of who I am. I am worthy!! -Ingrid
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Set yourself free & live in self-love

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