“Karen absolutely changed my life. …I accessed real change that I could feel deeply. I was afraid wouldn’t last, but it did, and it has continued to unfold; everything is just better (especially close relationships.) She tapped into hidden emotional traumas I didn’t even realize I had and cleared them once and for all.”

Brittany Rollins – Mother and Head Yogini at Life Time Fitness, Sugar Land, Texas

“The insights I gained from my private session with you were priceless. I loved the deep serenity of (The Bliss Method) class and how it lingered throughout the evening.”

Sandy Lord – Professional Trader and CIO Fellini Networks & IT LLC; Past TM, Transcendental Meditation  teacher, Belgium 1973 under Maharishi & taught Governor Courses based on the Yoga Sutras

“I went blissfully deep in every session, floating in an ocean of light… and I really missed it when my sessions were over… I love having the Bliss Breath technique. I use it a lot, especially at end of my yoga classes when I take everyone into Shavasana. Also, when Karen taught me her Transformational Mantra Technique, I quickly let go of some old emotional pain I was carrying, that I really hadn’t even been aware of, but I can feel a real difference now that it’s gone.”

Ena Garrido, Yogini and Manager, Pure Body Studios

“Karen’s Bliss Method sessions are powerful! I felt amazing after everyone one of her sessions and definitely felt a major energetic shift after we completed our final session. My boyfriend could even feel the energy vibrating in the room when I practiced next to him. Highly recommend the Bliss Method. Felt pure bliss after every one of the sessions!

Valerie Feachen – Yoga Instructor at The Yoga Pod West and Black Swan, Houston

“…Not only did I achieve many blissful expanded meditative states while taking the class but since class I am now able to go more quickly and go deeply into meditation or any altered state. I love using the new techniques I learned. What I learned has enhanced all my other work and practices. Karen is compassionate and devoted to her students and clients AND she is a skilled and knowledgeable hypnosis and healing practitioner and teacher. I refer my own clients, students and customers to her all the time. She is one of the best…”

Grendl Tucker, Owner, Center Point – Body, Mind, and Soul

“Karen came to my yoga class and lead us through a mediation from the Bliss Method. I was going through a very stressful time personally and had been struggling with sleeping but that night I slept peacefully through the night for the first time in months. A few days later I enrolled in a Private Initiation with Karen. After only 2 Private Initiation Sessions my Fit Bit recorded that I was getting up to 52 minutes of “Deep Sleep’ a night! Before my sessions I was only getting about 2-4 minutes and most people get up to 30-40 minutes at best.
I go into meditation more quickly and I feel a deeper loving peace in my daily presence. (And when I open my eyes in meditation everything is glowing and luminous!)”

Eunice Garcia,  Business woman, yoga student and bad-ass Marathon Biker